Friday, 19 August 2011

Time flies when your having fun!!!

Wow!!! I can't believe I've not written here since the end of May!! oh well the saying time flies when your having fun must be right then!!
so I left Pax Lodge on the 4 of June after an emotional farewell followed by a trip to tinsel town (an awesome milkshake place in Hampstead heath, if you ever visit Pax Lodge it's worth a visit), and the following afternoon  I moved to my new place near Greenwich to become a live in Au pair for a girl aged 6 and a Boy aged 9 who have welcomed me into the family with open arms.  The job is awesome and I have settled in really well and can't believe how fast the time has gone and that the summer holidays will be over with, in less than 2 weeks it's crazy!!! I spent the first 4 weeks of the holidays with the children and we had various outings which included picnics in the park, swimming, a trip to the science museum and natural history museum, the cinema and lots of bike rides, Ice cream and baking!! I will miss the kids when the go back to school as it has been an enjoyable summer holidays  and I've got to know them a lot better even if we did sometimes have disagreements!!
I have also found an awesome guide unit with great leaders, it took me a while to find the right unit then two guide units come along at once so I now guide on  Tuesday and a Friday and I love it and the other leaders are awesome and have made me feel very welcome!! just what I love about the guiding family, And  I can't wait to go camping with them next month!!. I have also made friends with a few other Nanny's and Au pairs and we regularly meet up with the children. I have also kept in contact with everyone at Pax Lodge, and was very grateful to them during the time that the riots took place in London. I  have also  had some great days and nights out with them especially going to Nottingham with Katie for the weekend and brick lane and camden nights out with Paula and Andrea!!
It's also a sad time as a lot of the volunteers I  have made great friends with are also leaving Pax Lodge or have already left I will for sure miss them especially Eugenia and Paula my co office volunteers, I will also miss Hannah and Emily and the other Volunteers but I know it's not goodbye but see you soon as the guiding world is so small I  know I will see them all again someday. But Emma who worked at Pax Lodge is now back in London and I am looking forward to spending time with her again now she has returned from her summer teaching job.
I am also currently at home in North Wales and cant relive it's nearly a year just short of two weeks since I was last her properly and things have changed so much. All my friends children have grown and even more scary is that my little brother has got engaged and my mother has had a complete change of career which is good. We also have new kitten who is adorable but very noisy and is only now 13 weeks old and is called tigger a suitable name for the bouncy cat he is chosen by the little girl I Au pair for. Lets just hope he calms down soon. I think that's all I have to say for now and will defiantly right more frequently from now on,

Cat :-) xx

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